Sexy Paragraph

Should transgender people be allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Transgender people should be able to compete, but only in the  Olympic male categories.  When you go through a gender reassignment, male to female, they will give you the hormones of the opposite sex, but you won’t lose all the hormones and muscles from before, giving you an unfair advantage against the other female opponents. The same goes for a female to male; he will be given the hormones of a male so would also have an unfair advantage over the other females, therefore, he should also compete with the males.  Research has shown that a male can gain 25% more muscle than a female. These statistics show why men and women have competed separately for all these years, and for a female now to have that 25% advantage over the other females is unfair.  It is clear to me that either type of transgender should be competing against the males even though they may have gone through gender reassignment surgery to become a female. That way everything is fair.

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