As I try to push through to get to the other side, the crossing light turns yellow. Beside me, there is a family of four trying to squeeze through, while all holding hands to not lose each other. Moments later, the light goes red.  Soon the cars will start to rage, so I make a final struggle to find my way to the other side.

After a few steps, something catches my eye. To my left, is Mc Donalds! Bigger than my entire bedroom is the size of the golden arches. Crossing the street again would be needed to get there, but that would be a struggle so I decided to ignore it and go to the Starbucks around the next corner.

As I enter through the door, the smell of fresh ground coffee beans is overwelming. Right in front of me is an empty table, right next to the window so I take it. Behind the counter, I see two girls who look no older than 17 working at the speed of light. A lot of coffee must be made by those hands in a day. Eventually, I decided to make my order ( large decaf caramel frappuccino with whiped cram ontop).  Spelling my name on the cup was never a hard task but today she spelt Molly with three L’s.

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