Street: Snowy         Sunny          Fresh          Quiet         Peaceful

 Window:   Old           Big            Welcoming           Bright          Frosty

Display:  Colourful           Change        Sweet        Lollies        Ice-Tips 

Lollie:        A              piece                   of                  caramel

Description: Yellow    big      Red ripples       Hanging       twisting from the drafts

As you walk down the gravelled street, you nearly trip on a patch of ice. You slip around for a while but then regain your balance. Its really cold, and the old houses around you are sparkling with the thick layer of snow on the tapered roofs. It’s like a winter wonderland. You turn a corner to make your way to the local store when something catches your eye. You have been here a million times before, but something is different. An old grey familiar house has some colour. You walk closer and look into an old window. The white paint on the wooden frame is chipped, and there are big icicles hanging from the top with the sunlight shining through them, making them sparkle. There are hundreds of lollies hanging from the ceiling, laying in bowls and sprinkled everywhere. Its the most colourful and welcoming thing you’ve ever seen. You walk another few steps to see the old blue door have an OPEN sign. As you enter through the door, the bell rings. There is an amazing smell of hot sugar and the entire shop is filled with all these hard candies. There are bright fairy lights draped around the store, and there are people, with aprons, stretching sugar behind a half wall. The old lady at the counter greets you with a “hi” then continues talking to another customer. You walk around the store, and there are endless flavours and sizes. As it is Christmas time, there are jars with a mixture of peppermint, gingerbread and saffron hard candies, and it is the saffron that you want. You can’t buy them individually, so even though you don’t like gingerbread you buy the whole jar as well as some watermelon and caramel flavoured ones. The lady placed them in a brown paper bag and you paid with some coins. As you open the door to leave, the little bell rings again. The icy breeze brushed on your cheeks as walked outside. You cant wait to go tell your mum about your new discovery! But now you remember. The money that you used to pay for the lollies was supposed to be for milk and flour! Oops. Next time.


Proposition:                                                                                                                                             A preposition is a word that expresses relationships between people places and things. They help us to understand a time, way or positional connection between two or more things. Using them in your writing helps your reader to imagine your setting and how things move within that setting more effectively.

Positional proposition:                                                                                                                   her bag was under the desk.                                                                                                             The cat slept on the pillow.                                                                                                                     He lived over the shop.

Time preposition:                                                                                                                                   They arrived 10 minutes after the speech started                                                                                Class begins at 9am                                                                                                                             They were married 7  years after they met.

Directed preposition:                                                                                                                                      They watched each other without speaking                                                                                  The popcorn sat between them on the couch.

As I try to push through to get to the other side, the crossing light turns yellow. Beside me, there is a family of four trying to squeeze through, while all holding hands to not lose each other. Moments later, the light goes red.  Soon the cars will start to rage, so I make a final struggle to find my way to the other side.

After a few steps, something catches my eye. To my left, is Mc Donalds! Bigger than my entire bedroom is the size of the golden arches. Crossing the street again would be needed to get there, but that would be a struggle so I decided to ignore it and go to the Starbucks around the next corner.

As I enter through the door, the smell of fresh ground coffee beans is overwelming. Right in front of me is an empty table, right next to the window so I take it. Behind the counter, I see two girls who look no older than 17 working at the speed of light. A lot of coffee must be made by those hands in a day. Eventually, I decided to make my order ( large decaf caramel frappuccino with whiped cram ontop).  Spelling my name on the cup was never a hard task but today she spelt Molly with three L’s.

Sexy Paragraph

Should transgender people be allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Transgender people should be able to compete, but only in the  Olympic male categories.  When you go through a gender reassignment, male to female, they will give you the hormones of the opposite sex, but you won’t lose all the hormones and muscles from before, giving you an unfair advantage against the other female opponents. The same goes for a female to male; he will be given the hormones of a male so would also have an unfair advantage over the other females, therefore, he should also compete with the males.  Research has shown that a male can gain 25% more muscle than a female. These statistics show why men and women have competed separately for all these years, and for a female now to have that 25% advantage over the other females is unfair.  It is clear to me that either type of transgender should be competing against the males even though they may have gone through gender reassignment surgery to become a female. That way everything is fair.

Romeo and Juliet Ending

My Reaction

I found the ending of the story really frustrating because we knew what was happening and they didn’t. I felt like screaming at the screen for them to just wait one more second and maybe they could live, but that didn’t happen because they both ended up dead. Even though you know that that’s whats going to happen from the start, It still gets to you because you know how simple it would be for them to live happily ever after.

Romeo And Juliet Quote Analysis

“I Would the Fool Were Married to the Grave” 

The quote is said by Lady Capulet (Juliet’s Mother) and what she is saying is

“I wish that she was married to her grave. ”                                                                             The interesting word, in my opinion, is “married” because Lady Capulet doesn’t know that Juliet already is.

The way that the quote relates back to the rest of the story, in my opinion, is because Juliet is in a way already “married to her grave” because Romeo is her husband and Romeo is the reason for her death.



5 Min Think

“Is love an Invention Created by Humans?

No, I do not think that love was invented by humans because love is a feeling that has existed since the cave days. I’m not sure if they had a marriage type love but I definitely believe that they loved their children and family. An Example of this is that a newborn child; they haven’t been taught to love their parents they just do.

5 Min Think

“Is a White Piece of Paper any More Blank Than a Blank Piece of Paper?”

No, I do not think that a white piece of paper is any more blank than a black piece of paper because of the definition of something that is blank is not having any decorations or other features (bare empty or plain). Making something black doesn’t stop it from fitting into all of those descriptions, it just changes the shade. If I were to add a turtle to the middle of the page it would no longer be plain because it now has a “feature”.



Romeo and Juliet Quotes

Quote 1:
If you be he, sir, I desire some confidence with you.
This is the nurse telling Romeo that if he is the Romeo that she is looking for, she needs to speak to him.
This is significant because they are about to plan the wedding.


Quote  2:

Bid her devise some means to come to shrift this afternoon

And there she shall at Friar Lawrence’ cell

Be shrove and married. (gives her coins) Here is for thy pains.


This is Romeo talking to the nurse and telling her to prepare Juliet for the wedding this afternoon.


5 min Think

“If I’m being kind to you but you think I’m being horrible, am I being kind or not?”

No, I don’t think that you are being kind because even though your intent is good you’re not taking the other person thoughts into consideration. Its just being care less. For example, if my friends’ turtle passed away last week and now I’m showing her photos of cute turtles without realising that this might make her upset, she is probably going to get a bit mad at me for bringing something like that up.